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Welcome to the Law Offices of Ben Boothe, Attorney and Counselor at Law.

Ben Boothe, Jr. aka Better Call Ben We are full service law offices representing family law clients, business and commercial law clients, estate planning and probate clients in Tarrant County, Dallas County and the surrounding areas of North Texas. Our principal office is located in Fort Worth, Texas.

★ Ben is a graduate of Baylor Law school, he is brilliant in matters of law. ★


Probate and Estate Planning

Do you need a will or other estate-planning documents? Have you suffered the loss of a loved one and need to probate a will? At the Law Offices of Ben Boothe, I am sensitive to the need for the organized and thoughtful disposition of an estate, without the need for costly litigation.

Also, there are many steps to take in order to plan for the last period in a person's life. I can provide you with the legal documents you need to make sure that you and your loved ones are taken care of when they gradually become unable to care for themselves or their estate.

I am available to assist you with:

Family Law Practice

Ben Boothe has a long and successful track record in the area of Texas Family Law.

If you have legal issues involving your family relationships and rights, you need an attorney who can represent you with the confidence, experience and dedication that your family deserves.

If there are issues regarding family violence, child custody or child support, please let me know right away. I will use all of the tools at my disposal to protect your family, your legal rights and your property.

I practice a "no-nonsense" style of family law, for both men and women, with any of the following types of cases:

Business Planning and Business Litigation

We fill the traditional roles of a Business Attorney:

But we also do a great deal more...

There are many different ways that a lawyer can assist you in forming a business entity that will keep your business separate from your personal assets, and keep everything you own protected from frivolous lawsuits. Moreover, we can help you protect your business legally by assisting with contractual agreements and developing policies for your business that will help ensure that you and your associates or employees do not accidentally trigger a major legal problem. Finally, when some other person or company violates your legal rights, then you need a law firm that can do more than just draft documents and give advice- you need a litigator who can go to Court and have a judicial remedy imposed on the opposing party.

Criminal Defense Law

We have extensive experience in defending persons accused of misdemeanors and felonies in over twenty different counties. I am available to work statewide, anywhere in Texas. If someone needs to be bonded out of jail, I can help. If you or someone you know has received a DWI, please contact an attorney immediately! Even if you don't come to me, there are certain immediate steps to take in order to try and prevent the State from taking away your drivers license. The licenses may be suspended anyway, but at least we can buy you some time until you have gotten an OCCUPATIONAL DRIVERS LICENSE during the suspension period.

If you or someone you know has been wrongfully accused of Family Violence, Assault or a Possession of Marijuana, or Possession of of Narcotics, there is something you can do about it. First of all I can spend the time with you learning exactly what did happen. Next I can negotiate with the prosecutor to try and have your case dismissed outright. Finally, if you need to have a trial, that is what we do best. We will make the State try and prove up its case! It is surprising how often the prosecutor simply cannot do that.

I am experienced in defending other matters as well, including Probation Revocations, Theft, Criminal Mischief, Public Intoxication, Vehicular Manslaughter, Driving with Suspended License, Juvenile matters and etc.